Isis Cyclists Summer Weekend Away 2017

weekend-away-2016-round-the-tableOur annual weekend away will run from Friday 9th to Sunday 11th June and will be based in Lechlade. This gives us a great opportunity to explore the wonderful countryside to the west, in the direction of the Cotswold Water Park and Cirencester.

We are expecting up to 22 women, including 5 who will be camping.  Plus one or two others who may book at the campsite nearer the time (see below).  We have booked a room seating 24 at the Trout Inn (about 1 mile from the campsite) for our meal on Saturday night.

If you can’t spare the whole weekend or can’t find accommodation, you are still very welcome to join us for either of the two rides on the Saturday (10th June). Why not drive out and join us? There’s plenty of parking in Lechlade. All you need to do is to make sure we know you’re coming, by emailing our group address

If you have already booked with us, please email us if you are not coming for any reason.


We plan to set out from Summertown at 4 pm on Friday 9 June, riding via Eynsham, Bampton and Clanfield (about 25 miles).  Liz Weekes will lead.  If you have booked with us, please email to let us know if you are joining us on Saturday, rather than riding out with us on Friday.

On Saturday we will meet outside Lechlade Church at 10am. You will have a choice of rides:

  • Ellen will lead a 40-mile ride in the direction of Cirencester: details to follow, but it’s pretty flat.
  • Jane has planned a 25-mile ride through some of the most exquisite Cotswold villages, with stops at Kelmscott Manor, the home of William Morris, of Arts & Crafts fame, and Fairford Church, with its magnificent stained glass.  This slow-paced ride has quite a few hills, which can be walked if necessary.  There will be an opportunity to visit the Manor (£9.50), and there is a café on site for our coffee stop.

Please email Ellen and Jane ASAP c/o our group email address which ride you would like to join, so that we can book our lunch stops.  You can change your mind on the day, but it will be good to have some idea of numbers.

Natasha will lead the ride back on Sunday, taking a different route and starting at 10.30 am (25-30 miles).

Transportation of luggage

Lucy Tennyson has again kindly offered to take out luggage, including tents, in her camper van and will be driving out on Thursday morning 8 June. She will bring everything back on Sunday night and will be grateful if you could pick up your things as soon as possible, if not on Sunday itself.  Jane Carlton Smith can help with transport for those who don’t have a car.

To avail yourself of the service, please get in touch with either Lucy or Jane via the group email address.

Accommodation options

We are unsure what’s available at this late stage, but try the B&Bs below or, if you are happy to camp, the Bridge House campsite.

The 2016 weekend away in Charlbury was great fun, as you can see from these photos: