Isis Cyclists Privacy Policy

(Draft policy January 2020: subject to amendment)

Your privacy is important to us. We collect only the personal information that we need, and we store it only for as long as we have a reason to keep it.

Who we are

Isis Cyclists CTC is an informal member group of Oxford Cycling UK, which has oversight of the group. Oxford Cycling UK is part of Cycling UK, a national charity that aims to encourage people to cycle and campaigns for better cycling infrastructure. We can be contacted at and Oxford Cycling UK can be contacted at

What personal information we collect, and how we collect it

We collect personal information from people who ride with us and/or express interest in our activities as follows:

In digital format:

On paper:

  • Rider registers that are completed before the start of each Isis Cyclists ride:
    • name
    • contact telephone number
    • email address (optionally provided by riders who wish to join our mailing list)
    • permission to publish photographs that include in which you can be readily identified on our publicly accessible online photo collection and/or this website

What we do with your personal information

We use your personal information solely for the purpose of running the group:

  • Adding new people to the mailing list.
  • Communicating with people who have signed up to the mailing list and/or our Facebook group: our monthly newsletter and ad hoc messages relating to specific rides, events or other cycling-related information that may be of interest to subscribers.
  • Holding contact details for the individuals on a particular ride for use in case of emergency.
  • Ascertaining, on a particular ride, who wishes or does not wish to be included in photographs (see previous section).
  • Reporting quantitative data about our rides annually to Cycling UK via our parent group Oxford Cycling UK. For an example of the data reported, see our annual report for 2018-19.

We do not share any personal data with third parties. We keep a record of riders’ names only in order to calculate the totals of unique and repeat riders; we do not pass these names to either Oxford Cycling UK or Cycling UK headquarters.

How your personal information is stored, and for how long

Electronic data

Depending on how we collect it, your personal information may be stored by one or more of the following organisations (links to their privacy policies are given in brackets):

Automattic, Google and Facebook may store your information outside the European Economic Area; all three companies have been certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield.

Information about membership of the mailing list and Facebook group will be deleted when you leave the list/group, in accordance with the policy of the relevant company.

Email messages sent via this website and to our contact address are deleted by the Isis ride leaders who administer the website and email account when the messages have been dealt with.

Data on paper

The rider registers are stored securely at the home of the Isis ride leader responsible for compiling our annual statistics. We are required under the GDPR to keep the forms indefinitely in case an individual withdraws permission for us to publish photographs in which she has appeared (see the next section).

Your right to access, amend or delete your personal information

To access, amend or delete the data that we hold about you on our rider registers, please send an email to

To withdraw your permission for us to publish photographs in which you can be readily identified, please send an email to

To unsubscribe from our mailing list, send a blank email message to This link can also be found at the bottom of each email sent from the group.