February 2021

Ellen writes…

Welcome to the February 2021 edition of the Isis Cyclists Newsletter. I hope that you, your family and your friends have all kept healthy through what has been a pretty tricky month.

I’m afraid February looks very much like another month without any Isis Cyclists rides. However, with the vaccination programme gearing up and spring on its way, surely it can’t be too long before we can ride together again?

Bike Buddies have been out and about again during January and some of them even managed to find some blue sky to enjoy! Here’s a selection of photos of what people have got up to in January.

Happy cycling and fingers crossed that we can ride together soon!

Flexipave cycle tracks

The Flexipave surface on Peep O Day Lane

Thanks to those of you who took the trouble to send me your comments on the various local cycle tracks that have been resurfaced with Flexipave. I fed all your feedback back to the company who designed and created the surface.

One question I asked was how the surface is expected to deal with tree roots, which cause havoc, damaging ordinary tarmac based surfaces. I was told that tree roots grow up towards a tarmac surface because they are searching for both air and moisture, neither of which can permeate tarmac. Flexipave has been designed to allow both air and moisture through to the soil below and so there should be no reason for tree roots to grow upwards. Let’s hope the trees behave as predicted, and that our new tracks remain smooth for many years to come!