Monthly Programme

Welcome to Isis Cyclists, an informal member group of Oxford Cycling UK. We have now restarted a limited programme of organised rides: see below for this month’s programme.

If you’re planning your own ride, remember that you can find some ideas on our page featuring a selection of routes. However, please abide by the Government’s current regulations. For guidance on safe cycling from Cycling UK, see the useful links below.

If you would like to receive our monthly newsletter, please email us via the Contact Us page.


Isis Cyclists and Oxford Cycling UK are part of Cycling UK.

Cycling for me has never been boring or neutral. A male cyclist is just a bloke on a bike, but a woman appears political, independent, a bluestocking, egregiously sporty, or suspiciously saucy.
– Eliane Glaser, The Guardian, 27/03/21