Isis Cyclists enjoying an autumn ride along the Oxford Canal.

Welcome to Isis Cyclists, a cycling group for women in and around Oxford. Our purpose is to provide cycle rides of different length in order to encourage and support women to get on their bikes and enjoy cycling for leisure and transport. We aim to help women to feel fitter, enjoy being active, to become more confident cyclists and have fun.

We are an informal member group of Oxford Cycling UKOur activities are run by a group of experienced cyclists who are also members of Cycling UK and are approved Cycling UK volunteers. For further information, visit Who We Are and What We Do.

If you’re new to cycling with a large number of other people, you may find our Tips for Cycling in a Group and Meet the Ride Leaders pages informative. And now that winter is upon us, check out our Tips for Winter Cycling.

Link to Our Monthly Programme of Rides

We aim to start each ride promptly and encourage people to meet 15 minutes before the advertised start time, so that the leader can welcome newcomers and explain the route. We don’t publish ride leaders’ contact details on this site, so if you have a question about a particular ride, please get in touch through the Contact Us page at least two days beforehand.

To receive our monthly newsletter, please write to the editor through the Contact Us page.

“In the context of the great debates about identity politics – are you gay or straight, nationalist or republican, British or English and so on – I would ask, “Do you ride a bike?” I love everything about the machine – the sensation of the tyres on the road, the mobility – and I love the fact that you have this intimate relationship with the elements, and the landscape.”

Beatrix Campbell

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